2021 Fall Salmon Season Dates are Set!

The seasons have been set for the Summer and Fall fisheries on the Columbia River. We are hearing great things about the numbers of Salmon the Columbia River is supposed to receive this year!

Summer Fishery: Our summer salmon season will be open from June 16th to July 5th from the Astoria Megler bridge to Bonneville Dam. It will be open through July 31st upstream of Bonneville dam. The daily bag limit is two fish, no more than one of these fish may be a hatchery Steelhead or a Sockeye Salmon. All wild Chinook Salmon must be released, but two hatchery Chinook Salmon may be harvested a day.

Buoy 10 Fishery: Buoy 10 will be open to anging the whole month of August this year which is exciting considering we only got half of the month last year! Buoy 10 is open to Chinook retention from August 1st through September 6th. August 1st through the 10th only hatchery Chinook Salmon may be retained. The daily bag limit for the Buoy 10 fishery will be one Chinook Salmon (has to be hatchery the first 10 days of August) and one hatchery Coho per angler per day. This will offer ample amount of fishing in the Buoy 10 area and will make for some very productive fishing through the month of August through early September.

Lewis River Upstream To Bonneville Dam: This area will be open to fish from August 1st through October 31st. The daily bag limit is 2 fish with only one fish allowed to be a Chinook Salmon and the other being a hatchery Coho Salmon. These dates will give anglers lots of opportunity to get out and angle for Salmon this year.

Bonneville Dam To Hwy 395 Bridge: Open from August 1st through December 31st with a 2 fish daily bag limit. Only one fish may be a Chinook salmon the other may be a hatchery or native Coho Salmon if you are fishing above the Hood river bridge. If below the Hood River bridge native Coho Salmon must be released.

Salmon Predictions: The Columbia river is forecasted to receive 580,000 Chinook Salmon to the river mouth. This is up quite a bit from last years forecast of 431,000 fish and slightly better than last years actual return of 574,400 Chinook Salmon. The Columbia is also predicted to receive over a million Coho Salmon!

These are great signs as to how our fishing is going to be this year. We are looking at receiving more fish and having even more days to target them. Last year the fishing was absolutely fantastic so Portland Oregon Fishing Adventures is looking forward to the stellar year ahead! Call now to witness these runs first hand on the river! (503-875-3168)