Your Guide On The Columbia River

Living in Oregon all of my life I have got to spend lots of time on all of Oregon’s beautiful rivers. At the top of all of those in my opinion is the Columbia. It brings so many fish species to the table all while maintaining breathtaking views while on the river. I offer trips on the Columbia River from Astoria Oregon all the way to Hermiston Oregon. I have got to spend a lot of time fishing these waters and would love the opportunity to teach it to you! I offer trips for up to 6 people on the Columbia river fishing for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Walleye. These trips will be ran out of my 25 Foot Alumaweld Super Vee. It is a spacious aluminum fishing boat that has 225 horse motors to get us to where we need to go!

What We Fish on the Columbia River

The Columbia river is the 8th largest river in the United states. The Columbia river basin is home to 61 different species of fish! We offer trips for 4 of the most popular sport fish in the Columbia river. Our most popular fishing trips on the Columbia river are our Salmon and Sturgeon Fishing trips. These trips are either 4 or 8 hour long trips. Salmon fishing is one of my favorites, Salmon are very aggressive and do not like to give up easily. Salmon can be caught nearly year round in the Columbia river basin. March through October is the peak time of the year to catch and harvest Salmon. Sturgeon can be caught year round on the Columbia river, Sturgeon are the biggest and hardest fighting fish that dwells in the depths of the Columbia. Sturgeon can always be caught somewhere on the Columbia, you just have to know where they are at and what they want to bite! We also offer Steelhead fishing trips on the lower Columbia River. Our summer steelhead start to show up in early may and will be catchable through July! This is a very fun trip fishing with light tackle close to the shore! Last but not least is the Columbia river gold our Walleye! Walleye can be caught year round in the Columbia depending on water conditions. They make for a fun action packed day and are absolutely the best table fare this river provides in large quantities.

Keeper Sturgeon Seasons on the Columbia River

The Columbia river has something to offer every single month of the year. Early in the year the Columbia hosts one of the most awaited seasons for all Oregonians this is the keeper Sturgeon Season above Bonneville dam. This season starts on the first of January and goes until Oregon sport fishermen meet the allotted quota by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This is one of the only times the state allows us to partake in harvesting sturgeon all year! Fishing this time of the year is usually cold, wet and windy! If you are able to face the elements you are often rewarded in a big way with a limit of Keeper Sturgeon! In may there are usually a couple more opportunities to harvest a sturgeon! These times will usually be in April or May. This will be in the lower Columbia where the Sturgeon are fat and ready to rip some line! The slot limit for a sturgeon is 44 to 50 inches in this area and the daily bag limit is one! Fishing in shallow water is common here and it makes for some fun jumping Sturgeon pictures! This season is only a couple of set days so book it while you can!

Fall Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River

This is the most cherished of all of our Columbia river fisheries; it is the time of year where we receive our largest run of salmon! With runs of over 800,000 salmon returning it is most definitely the biggest and most awaited season of the year. With the season kicking off in mid August at the Buoy 10 Fishery this is the time of year where anglers and Columbia river fishing guides from all over come to take part in this epic fishery. This marks the start of the Fall Chinook Salmon season for Columbia river fishing guides. The fishing will stay good through late October as we transition up the river following the Salmon as they migrate. By the first of September the whole lower Columbia will be full of Fall Chinook Salmon. If you are looking for an epic day of Salmon Fishing in the pacific northwest this is your chance. This season fills fast as many Columbia River fishing guides will fill up months before the fish show up!

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Columbia River Fishing Seasons