Oregon’s Drought Fishing Regulations

The state of Oregon fish and wildlife department (ODFW) is adopting new fishing regulations following some of the driest spring months in the state of Oregon since the 1890’s. These dry conditions are seeming to linger in the Pacific Northwest and officials say that they think the drought will continue through mid October.

The hoot owl regulations prohibits fishing in most Oregon rivers and streams from 2pm to an hour before sunrise the following day. The rivers and streams that are affected are the Willamette, Clackamas, Sandy, Santiam (North and South), Molalla and Deschutes River from the mouth to Sherars Falls. And also the nehalem river will be closed to all angling which was released in a press conference by ODFW. Lastly angling will be closed within 200 feet of the mouths of tributaries on the Umpqua and North Umpqua Rivers.

To do their part in helping the fish anglers should: Fish earlier in the day when water temps are cooler. Target fish in deeper and or cooler water where it will be easier on the fish to catch and release them. Using barbless hooks will also be essential to the health of the fish in this warm weather, making them easier to release. Lastly when landing the fish try to keep them in the water at all times and make sure they are strong enough to kick off before releasing them!

For more information on these new regulations visit ODFW’s recreation report: myodfw.com/recreation-report/fishing-report.