Sturgeon Fishing Trips in Portland Oregon

Sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America and we are lucky enough to have a great White Sturgeon population on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Sturgeon can be caught year round for catch and release, however, there are a few opportunities throughout the year to harvest these beasts. Typically in January The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will open a keeper Sturgeon season for fish that are between 38 inches and 54 inches in length. While the season is open to harvest a Sturgeon an individual is able to kill one fish per day that is within the allotted length, however, you can only kill two Sturgeon per year. Although keeper Sturgeon seasons are minimal throughout the year, Sturgeon fishing is open for catch and release year round. We may find ourselves Sturgeon Fishing right in the heart of Portland, Oregon. This is a treat catching giant Sturgeon with the beautiful city as the backdrop of your pictures.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon Fishing In the Pacific Northwest is something everyone should do at least once. The power that a Sturgeon has is incredible, the biggest Sturgeon we have ever landed was 12 feet 8 inches long! When fishing for Sturgeon you can expect good action and a lot of fish landed each and every day. It is a trip that you can bring the whole family to enjoy and create memories you and your loved ones will never forget!

We catch and release Sturgeon all year with great success! When targeting Sturgeon we fish anywhere from Astoria, Oregon to The Dalles Dam. If you want your shot at a true Columbia River Giant our oversize Sturgeon fishing is for you. This season starts in June and will go through July. An average fight with one of these beasts can last well over an hour, it truly is a memorable experience! We can take up to six people on all of our Sturgeon fishing trips.

Catch and Keep Season

Every year, January 1st is the start of a keeper Sturgeon season between Bonneville Dam and The Dalles Dam. This fishery usually lasts through the month of January. A Sturgeon must be between 38 inches and 54 inches in length to be harvested during this season. This is a very fun fishery and gets a lot of attention. We anchor and fish bait on the bottom for our keeper Sturgeon fishing.

Usually we also get a couple more opportunities to catch keeper Sturgeon throughout the year. These opportunities will usually happen in the months of May and September. In May we will be fishing down on the lower Columbia River near Astoria. This is a fun fishery as many times you end up fishing for Sturgeon in less than 10 feet of water! Sturgeon must be between 44 inches and 50 inches in length during this season. In September we will catch Columbia River keeper Sturgeon right in Portland. Fishing is awesome this time of year with beautiful weather and energetic Sturgeon! The slot limit for this season is also 44 inches to 50 inches in length. We are able to take up to six people on keeper Sturgeon Fishing trips!

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Sturgeon Fishing Season Notes