Spring Fishing in Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Spring Fishing Opportunities: 

When it comes to sport fishing in Oregon you will hear about Portland from almost anyone you talk to. Portland sits right on two of the Northwest’s most productive rivers the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Portland is lucky to be surrounded by some of the best Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon fishing in the entire world. Although you may hear a lot about the fantastic big game fishing that Portland brings to the table, there are also all kinds of rivers and streams that surround the Portland area that are filled with Bass panfish and Trout! Spring is the time of year where the weather starts to warm and the fish begin to get more active. Here is a list of some of the productive rivers and streams that you will have success fishing in the springtime!

Willamette River Fishing: 

The Willamette is one of those rivers that fishes good all year long. That being said Spring on the Willamette river is a time where multiple different species of fish can be caught. Willamette River Fishing Guides will start hitting the Willamette hard in the spring time looking for our spring Chinook Salmon. Bass, panfish, Walleye and catfish can also be caught this time of year as well. Lastly some of the best Sturgeon fishing the Willamette sees all year will take place in the spring. The Willamette also has great bank access so bank fishing is a great option. If you are wanting to experience Willamette river fishing from a boat give me a call today! (503-875-3168)

Fishing On The Columbia River: 

The Columbia River is the biggest river in the Northwest and offers fantastic springtime fishing opportunities. Generally you will see Columbia River Fishing Guides start fishing the Columbia in early March. They will be fishing for Spring Chinook Salmon and also offer catch and release Sturgeon fishing trips. This is a great time of year to target both Salmon and Sturgeon as the water temps begin to warm the fish begin to bite. The Columbia also offers great bass fishing and panfishing. The Columbia river is huge and may be a little much to take in your first trip but take it in sections and work the river slowly, when you find fish there is almost always sure to be more. The Columbia river is a fishermans paradise and Portland Oregon Fishing Adventures would love to show you a successful day fishing it. Give us a call (503-875-3168).  

Clackamas River Fishing:

The Clackamas river offers world class Steelhead, Salmon and Trout fishing right in the heart of Portland. The Clackamas is one of the best Steelhead fisheries in the metro area. The Steelhead fishing is very good from January through March. The Clackamas also receives a small run of Spring Chinook Salmon which can be very fun to fight in the white water of the Clackamas. Fin clippers trout are also found all throughout the river.